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Helping local organisations build stronger, more successful, more sustainable communities in the Garioch Area of Aberdeenshire by signposting via our single point of contact website.

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The Garioch Partnership

What does The Garioch Partnership do?

We support people and communities via information provision on our website, enabling them to progress projects of all sizes, both existing and new, by encouraging and harnessing the skills and enthusiasm of local people.

Our website provides information and advice on project planning, funding, community consultation and engagement, governance and dealing with “red-tape”.

Who is it for?

Any not-for-profit community organisation, large or small, based in the Garioch area or with links to the area can access our resources. Organisations can join our membership free of charge and access a range of information and like-minded networks for support. Individuals who support the aims of the partnership are also welcome as members.

Where does it cover?

We cover the Garioch area in Aberdeenshire, as shown in the map below…

Garioch Area Map

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Board of Trustees

Meet the Board of Trustees responsible for overseeing The Garioch Partnership.

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